The Sur-Ron is based on a unique aluminum dirt bike frame that weighs around 110 pounds (50 kilograms). It is hefty for an electric bike but light for a dirt bike. The company did not utilize any body panels on the actual frame, instead leaving the entire powerplant exposed, giving the bike a rough appearance. If you want to modify your Surron bike or want items such as Allied Action Sports BMX ramps, make sure you buy them from a trustworthy place. 

The battery pack has 176 Panasonic 18650 battery cells (60v 32ah), identical to the batteries used in Tesla’s Model S and Model X battery packs. It adds up to around 2 kWh of energy capacity, which, according to Sur Ron, can enable a range of up to 50 miles (80 kilometers) on a single charge.

Of course, it all depends on how hard you push this bike and the terrain you ride on, but no matter how wild you get with it, you should be able to have a few hours of fun before needing a charge, which can be completed in around 3 hours with the accompanying 10 amp 60v charger.

Incredible battery 

The battery is the most costly component of any electric bike, so inspect it carefully. Lightweight power-dense batteries are not cheap; if they are, they are most likely unsafe and unreliable. The Sur-Ron features a massive 60v 32ah pack with a capacity of 2000 watt-hours. It has four times the capacity of most modern production bikes to give you a sense of how much range you expect.

The battery comprises Panasonic PF cells – the 38ah version has Samsung 35e – in a well-built box that slides in and out of the bike, a battery management system that is microprocessor-based, and other goodies.

Every component of this bike has been carefully considered, and no cost has been spared to create a dependable, high-performance off-road vehicle. It boasts one of the best-built battery packs in a compact EV.


The suspension is remarkably smooth for a bike with a starting price of $3,500. It has a Killah RST Fork and a massive shock with 8 inches of travel at the back. The Surron is intended for severe off-road riding, and the suspension system on the Sur Ron is rock strong. Both the front and rear suspensions of the Surron have 8-inch travel. 

Combining that with a full-size motorcycle tire gives you a substantial vehicle that helps you have fun off-road.