Everyone loves to ride a motorbike rather than other vehicles. Recently, all the roads have been filled with many motorbikes. The new bikes in Aprilia sxr 160 price offer more discounts on your favourite bikes. As the new bike won’t last as it is for long days. So you need to wash correctly and maintain your bike to reach a good look. Don’t wash your bike just with water. There are many beneficial tips for cleaning your motorbike. In this article, you will see the tips to clean your motorbike:

Choosing the correct place

For washing your bike, you need to find the perfect spot. It is a suitable option to have a tiled or cemented surface. As this surface avoids soil, or else you will end up giving your motorbike and yourself a mud bath. Another essential tip is to have excellent drainage, or else you will end up splashing the dirty water from the surface back to your bike.

Have the better cloth

It would help if you had microfiber towels available in shops, or you could use clean soft cloths. Use different fabrics for engines, wheels, tanks and other parts. As a result, your bike will have swirl marks and scratches on the parts of the bike. To avoid this appearance, you need to have additional rags on hand to clean greasy parts like forks, the underside of the engine and the chain over.

Don’t pour the water

When it rains, most people will stop their motorbikes in the rain to clean. But it needs proper cleaning. If you have a pressurised washer, adjust the speed of the water before you start spraying. It is better to start the water spraying from the top and bottom. Avoid direct contact of the water with the electrical and mechanical spots. When you have an old motorcycle, it is a suitable option to avoid the pressured water on that bike. As the old bike has lose connections, the water will enter in the gap and thus cause starting trouble. 

Plug exhaust holes

While your motorbike is pretty resilient when it comes to water, that time, the water may enter into the exhaust hole and thus will cause issues in your bike. To avoid this, you can stuff a rag in the hole or cover it with a rubber glove to keep the water out. As technology is booming, the motorbike is designed in a way that would allow substantial amounts of water to pool in them during the washing process. So it is the right time to buy the Aprilia sxr 160 price which is a budget-friendly bike, and also they offer a free service for your bike.

Use less friction

While cleaning your motorbike, apply less friction. When you do more rub and scrub, you are more likely to have your sponge pick up small dirt particles and grind them over the delicate surface. To avoid this issue, spray down the entire motorbike with a mixture of motorbike cleaner and water. This will help to remove the stain grease as well and thus give a fresh look.

Final thoughts 

If you maintain your bike with proper clean will add value to your bike. Before buying the bike, you need to check the Aprilia sr 160 price, which can fit your budget. Hopefully, you have learnt the tips for washing your motorbike.